Thomaseagle/Wikimedia Commons

Mr. & Mrs. Adam and Shelly Landau-

Courtney truly possesses the responsibility, care, and trust that makes her an exceptional person to play any role in assisting.  She is a great lady!

Will Johnson, co-worker at Quail Hollow Club-

Courtney truly cares about all of the people she works for, and no matter what task it is, she always has a contagious smile and positive outlook on life.

Cindy Walsh-

Courtney has taken care of my house, my pets, and my child. She has always been timely, professional, reliable, and sweet:) She is like family. I would highly recommend Courtney for any and all of the services she offers.

Katie Wagner-

Courtney is timely, kind and responsible. Before we started working with her , leaving our dogs and house was stressful. Now we can be away without a care in the world.

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